• Gladis wasn't able to go to school / didn't have proper shoes / Now sponsored
  • 18 floors done this spring
  • Dave and Whitney Campbell from Nashville
  • Gracie selling ice pops to be able to go to school now a sponsor child
  • prayer team speaking to 20 some pastors
  • Sponsor children
  • another water tank project
  • First high school visit
  • Sophia stands :)
  • Britt Zimmerman prayer team
  • What really matters in life?
  • Water filters eliminates diarea
  • Sandy trying to get ready to leave
  • crafts at a school
  • city dump in Tegucigalpa
  • Orphanage now


Loving, Reaching and Teaching Our Community and Beyond for Christ... 

Why Not You?

Here you will find information concerning local and international ministry efforts.  We are a non-denominational ministry that is seeking to do the will of God in our lives.   We hope you find your time spent here a blessing.  

We wish to help those in need and provide individuals opportunities to serve whether it be by being able to go on an affordable mission trip or serving those in the community all around us.  



Go to How to Give to see where we need your help.






Please go to Photos and check out the houses and families in San Antonio De Cortes ,Honduras that could benefit from your donation of a concrete floor.  

Dirt floors are a leading cause of  parasites in the children, we appreciate your help. A typical floor cost's around $300.00.  

Please call 570-638-2274 with any questions or contact us via the (Email Us) button above.

PSALM 82:3   Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.

Contact Us

Why Not You Ministries
PO Box 25
Morris Run, Pennsylvania 16939
Phone 570-638-2274


  • Water for families who don't have water 3 months of the year

    Go to the links tab to see the video

  • Sponsor a healthy environment for children by providing a concrete floor in their home.

    Children can experience alot of diseases and parasites when they don't have something as simple as a concrete floor.  If you would like to help please go to How to Give or click $ above to donate right now.

  • Local Missions Opportunities

    We are looking for volunteers for local projects including helping unload and distribute materials we receive from our work with Pennsylvania United Medical Association (PUMA).  If you are interested please email bobslemans@gmail.com.