Why Not You values the priorities of the King:  

" Love God and Love People"

Here you will find information concerning our local and international ministry efforts.  We are a non-denominational ministry that is seeking to do the will of God sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through love in action.   



Core Values:

*The presence of God 

*The Word and the Spirit

*Authentic Relationships

*Team Ministry

*The Kingdom of God

We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. 

We wish to help those in need and provide individuals opportunities to serve whether it be by being able to go on an affordable mission trip or serving those in the community all around us.  

We have opened our Dorm to be used for a clinic.

We desire to inprove the health of those that live around us.

Contaminated water and dirt floors in their homes are  leading cause's of health issues in the area we work in.


Please go to Photos and check out the houses and families in San Antonio De Cortes ,Honduras that could benefit from your donation of a concrete floor.  

Dirt floors are a leading cause of  parasites in the children, we appreciate your help. A typical floor cost's around $150.00 

Please call 570-638-2274 with any questions or contact us via the (Email Us) button above.

PSALM 82:3   Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.






Hurricane & Mudslide Housing Relief

Temporary tarp shelters line the highway in San Pedro Sula

Back to back hurricanes struck Honduras within two weeks, November 2020. Honduras suffered damage and deaths from landslides and flooding casues by intense rainfall.

Mudslides litter the moutains beyond our ministry base. Displaced families were taken to schools for shelter. In partnership with other agencies we were able to help provide food and healthcare for the people in our community. 

Current Need:  Rebuilding 3 homes

Praise:  In April we were able to rebuild one home, and we are working on 2 others houses 

Honduras trips

Come join us as an individual or as a group.

Contact us for available dates.

Our schedule for 2021 is  Jun, July, September,October

Scheduled Groups

June 22 - June 29

August 23 - September 2

September 8 

October 23 - 30



Stories & Updates

Homeschool Classes On the Porch

        With schools still being closed here, the Honduras government has been sending homework for the students to learn and do at home. Many students do not have access to the internet or a way to download the documents being sent to them.

        We as a ministry have been blessed to have 3 extra laptops that the students can use to copy their homework. Many kids from our community have been visiting us, so they may continue their education during these time. 

Sponsor a Child

If you would like to help a child attend school,

please click

Sponsor a Child 

or contact:


to learn about children

in need of your help!

  July 2021  
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