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Becky Roupp

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I've been blessed to be part of Why Not You for nearly two years.  My heart is for the communities we serve both locally and internationally in Honduras.  Locally, I've been able to participate in delivering supplies to organizations who help our communities each and every day, such as the Salvation Army, Head Start, and different pregnancy care centers.  The heart and passion of reaching in our communities is contagious.

I've also been part of two teams that have traveled to Honduras.  When we landed for the beginning of my second trip, I felt like I had returned home, even though I had only been there a week previously.  I've been part of Beautiful You, teaching modesty and purity to young women, handed out school supplies, played with countless children, hugged an older woman who sells bread from her home to support her family of 12, poured water into buckets to help as our team concrete floors.

It breaks my heart every time I leave, but I know in my heart that we have to return home to do more.  The needs are great and one person doing what they can makes all the difference.

Psalm 68:5


  June 2021  
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