Child Sponsorship Program

These are children from our community in Honduras who are still looking for sponsor families. Sponsoring children allows them to go to school and get an education. There is a cycle of poverty where children stay at home and help with farming and different jobs to help support their family. This is important, but without an education there is no chance of the children being able to get jobs when they are older and escaping poverty. 

In Honduras poverty looks girls getting married very young, not knowing where your meals are coming from, shorter life expectancies- there are many men who die young, leaving their families without their needed support. The minimum wage rate in Honduras is $1.78 an hour, but a field worker gets an average of $5.61 a day. For families in our area who don't have educations their chances on getting a job outside of field work is very slim. One option is working in the sugar field, but this can be very dangerous as they cut the sugar cane with machetes - which can cause many injuries- and the extreme heat causes heat strokes that can leave them paralyzed. 

When you sponsor a child, you give them hope to further their education and rise above the poverty level.  

$100 a year sponsors an elementary aged child

$175 a year sponsors a high school student.  



Misael Martinez is in the 6th grade and is 11 years old. He is a good student who wants to learn and enjoys studying. He lives with his grandmother. 









Jesus Marquez is going into 7th grade. He has an older brother and sister. He would like to be a lawyer. His favorite color is gray and his favorite food is rice and beans. He loves to play soccer. His favorite subject is Spanish.




  December 2022  
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