Director for Water

Craig Zimmerman

As a plumber, I have a passion for water.  I also have a passion for the people of Honduras.  My wife and I adopted our daughter from Honduras and that started my love for the country of Honduras.  As I have traveled to Honduras, I've been made keenly aware of their lack of clean water.

Without clean water, it is extremely difficult to stay healthy.  I have seen people fill all kinds of containers with very dirty and contaminated water.  But even if the water looks good many times it is not.  I am working as to help find ways to provide clean water for the communities we serve. 

As a Pastor, I have a passion for people to meet Jesus, the giver of "Living Water."  Through the projects of Why Not You, we have the opportunity to share the love of God to those we serve.  It is a blessing to support the local churches and their pastors in their mission of sharing the love of Christ.

John 4:13&14


  July 2021  
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