Haidee Tatiana Gacia Ramos

Haidee Tatiana Garcia Ramos


Age: 10 years old

Birthday: August 28, 2008

Town: La Providencia, San Antonio de Cortés

School name: Escuela de Unidad

Grade: 4th grade

Siblings: 1 sister (12 years old)  +1 brother (6 years old)

Family life: Her mother was killed by her father in April. Haidee and her siblings now live with their grandmother and have moved from where they were to live closer to other relatives.

Dream job: she would love to be a teacher, maybe even an English teacher being that she loves learning new English words


Favorite color: pink

Favorite animal: baby peeps

Favorite activity to do for fun: PLAY SOCCER

Favorite subject in school: mathematics



  June 2021  
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