Kenner Isaac Sanchez Castro


$175 per year


Age: 16 years old 

Birthday:  July 24, 2004

School:  Instituto Gubernamental Soberania 

Grade: 10th grade

Future goal:  Mechanic

Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother 

Favorite color:  Green

Favorite subject:  Mathematics

Favorite activity: Play soccer

Favorite Animal:  Puppies


Family Life: Kenner's father was shot in the back 3 times, after being in the crossfire between some local gang members, while being at a house store. Since this accident, the father has not been able to work to provide for his family, instead Kenner's mother works to support them. His mother sells food in front of the school in town, to all the school children. They are a very joyful family and really would appreciate the help, to help keep their kids and school and to continue their education! 

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  June 2021  
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