God Sightings - Oct 29 & 30   The children in the community arrived an hour early for the party, they laughted and giggled through sack races, face painting, crafts and a pinata. Their eyes were attentive and hands quick to answer the questions during the bible story and their tummys were full as they ran home when mothers called. Thank you Jesus for touching the lives of so many children.

Roberto has been in a wheel chair for several years. On our visit to this father of six children who becamse suddenly paralized after working in the cane fields,  a team member wrapped a prayer shawl that she had made around his thin shoulders and found such gratitude in his eyes for the small gift of prayer and love. 

Rosa and Marie were given a Children's Bible in Spanish. The rest of our visit we listened to the twins read us stories from the bible. On the following day we found them sitting in the doorwayt of their home again reading their new bible ...... Joy

A meeting with Eric, a new sponsor child. Walking through slippery lanes and paths to find his home on the back side of the village. Arriving to see excited expectant faces. The sponsor gave Eric a soccer ball, he brgan to weep and ran with his ball to hide his face behind a towel, He was so excited... his mother told us he never had a real soccer ball before and it was red his favorite color. After being coxed out from behnd the towel he calmed down and was able to play a game with us. When we left the children had nicknamed the sponsor grandma.. Beautiful relationships.

Oct 23    For morning devotions Katie felt led to play the trumpet sharing the popular hymn "Be Thou My Vision", as she played all ears were tuned to the Father as His presense filled the room. The Lord continued to be our vision as we visited with some of the sponsor children sharing God's love and provisions. 

21  weeks. ...almost long enough to secure a new habit, life is viable, how long i have lived in honduras...to say i am at home here is easy and true and makes me smile...i live in providencia, honduras, with friends, north american and honduran. we share tortillas, tamarindo juice, coloring books, children, cookies, chickens, porches, pots and pans, houses, Jesus and laughter, in any and all combinations....in february, 2016, houseless, considerably possesion-less, and potentially penniless, the mission field became my garden....what and where i planted mattered little as long as i would be harvesting for Christ... seeds of hope- plantings of promises- sprigs of joy- bouquets of amazing grace! walking 'short cuts' through jungles from tarp house to adobe house to cliffs and vistas that  all leave one speechless... houses with plastic sheets for walls, with bamboo slats with no adobe or broken adobe so deteriorated no protection remains...still, within these broken walls are stalwart hearts, little else, many children with the sweetest smiles, shyly peering from under the tattered skirts of siblings, grandmothers, old sheets serving as bedroom walls for families of 6,8 or more...what i don't see matters as much as what i do see, (i do not see toys, books, extra of anything, I do not see running water, flush toilets, sheets on beds, food sufficient for so many mouths.) what i can see is mothers who work continually to provide everything their children need which amounts to precious little....the wood stoves are lit even on 100 degree days ( we have had many such days recently) beans and rice if they are available...water, if available is often not potable...this ministry offers to concrete floors in adobe houses of single mothers with children in residence, water filters are especially valuable for many remote homes, sometimes even in villages where the town water is simply less than pure....(.i am just now getting accustomed to chickens and pigs and children and dogs and horses and cattle using the same paths, water holes and play areas,) one particularly insistent little red hen is certain she belongs in my morning kitchen...every morning , several times a morning...doors are rarely closed during the day and screens are also rare, and there are bugs inside as well as out... so she is not really out of line, we share all gifts donated to homes we visit, shoes and bibles and shirts and towels and socks and blankets and whatever God lays on the hearts of those wanting to do something for our neighbors here in honduras..  next monday, we have the express privilege of sharing our Lord Jesus with a class of 35-40 young teenage boys. pastor marcos and sergio will accompany sandy and i in this venture... more than anything, i anticipate the Holy Spirit preparing and moving through all of us for that hour Monday morning. another field white unto harvest, may the Name of Jesus be lifted and hearts reborn for His glory....very little time slips by without a nudge from the Spirit to press in closer,, time is short, God is near, and many still are in the valley of decision... may this lights shine so others may see and know the fullness of God's love and mercy through His son Jesus Christ.....

Kate Phillips 5/2017


My trip to the orphanage in Honduras was my first time out of the country. I had several friends who had previously traveled to third world countries for missions trips, but this was the first time I experienced it first-hand. The trip helped open my eyes to how Christians in other countries live with so much less than we do. I really liked being able to learn about the culture of another country; the way of life and the language. It was a neat experience for me to see that, despite the language barrier, I could still show the people and the children I came into contact with, every day, God's love.

Heidi Kelsch (Nov 2012)

After an already amazing and spiritually encouraging mission trip to Honduras, I was excited to return home to my husband and my family to tell them about the things I saw and did over the past week.  As our group hurriedly made our way through the several airport security checkpoints in San Pedro Sula, my eyes caught those of another young woman and we exchanged a quick smile,  Our group soon realized that (for the first time during our traveling together) we were scattered among the plane and would not be sitting together, so we talked all the more about our trip while we still could. "

As we made our way onto the plane and found our seats, I saw that I had the middle seat in my row.  The seat next to the window was still empty and the seat next to the aisle was occupied by a Honduran gentleman.  I thought,"Maybe I'll chat with the Honduran gentleman a little bit and get one last chance to practice my Spanish before I make it back to diversity-less Bradford County.  As I settled in my seat, the young woman I exchanged a smile with in the airport came walking up and signaled that she was sitting next to me in the window seat.  The man and I got up and let her into her seat.  She sat down and made a comment about the space being a little cramped.  I agreed and we both giggled.  I introduced myself and she did the same.  She asked about the shirt I was wearing which had the name of the ministry I had been traveling with and the name of the orphanage we had been working on.

I started to tell her about our trip and found out that she was a Christian too.  From that oint on, we started laughing and taking like we had been friends our whole lives.  I shared the details of our trip with her; from getting robbed our first hour in Honduras to playing with the children from town who came to the orphanage, the topics of our weekly devotions, painting, and the many ways I grew spiritually during the trip.  We talked about how she came to Honduras to teach middle school math, even though she didn't know a lick of Spanish when she came and even though her family was skeptical (and some were downright against) her plans of coming because of violence dangers of living in Honduras.  

Time flew by and before we knew it, we had been talking for almost 3 hours.  As the pilot announced that we were about the begin our final descent, my new friend and I exchanged names and vowed to look each other up on Facebook and stay in touch.  We were both interested to know what would happen with the different situations each had going on back and home and promised to pray for each other.  I could tell that we were going to be lifelong friends. 

We soon landed and it was time to get off the plane.  As we grabbed our luggage, wheeled it down the aisle, and stepped off the plane, the girl asked me if she could speak to me quickly before my group and I headed off as she had something she wanted to give me.  Looking at her confused, I said,"of course," and we stepped aside in the jet way to talk.  

She said to me, "God loves you.  I just wanted to let you know that talking with you today was really encouraging to me and I really feel that God is working strongly through you and in your life.  I feel like this was a divine connection that we met today.  Please let me give this to you," she said as she handed me a small red pouch.  I asked her what it was and she said, "Money."  I began shaking me head, but she continued,"God is telling me to give this to you.  He wants to bless you with this for trusting Him and listening to Him.  Please take t and use it however God tells you to use it." ...

This trip was life-changing for me.  I grew in ways I didn't expect.  I planned on going to Honduras to hep with the people there , and in going there I was helped and grew in ways that I couldn't have imagined.  My faith and trust in God has grown and development so much in a week.  My prayer life will the be the same and I will never been the same.... 

Our God is an awesome God.  He can do anything.  He does things that are beyond our comprehension in this lifetime.  He continues to amaze me every single day.  And He blesses us through others.  When you have a chance to bless someone, whether it be in a small or large way, I encourage you to do it.  You never know how many lives will change by heeding His call.  

"The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped." Proverbs 11:25

Megan Vanoy (March 2013)


  June 2021  
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