Yorleni Sarai Reyes

Yorleni Sarai Reyes



Age: 8 years old

Birthday: September 2, 2012

Town: Tapiquilares 

Grade: 3rd grade

Siblings: 3 sisters and 1 brother

Parents: father- works in the field......mother-is a housewife.

Family life: Due to malnutrition issues, Yorleni, her siblings and their mother were sent to Momma Project ( and organization that helps teach mothers how to feed their children nutrious meals and care for them. While the mothers and children are in this program, the kids also receive schooling). 


Favorite color: yellow

Favorite food: rice and beans

Favorite animal: wolf

Favorite activity: loves to play in general and especially with dolls

Favorite school subject: art class


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  July 2021  
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